Our History

Founded in 1993, AccuTemp Products Inc. is a unique company, an all-American success story and a great case for the contributions of small, independent, idea-driven foodservice equipment manufacturers. It all began with a few creative solutions to heat transfer challenges, which led to some great product concepts and the development of specialized manufacturing methods and equipment needed to make those concepts a reality.

Our Mission

AccuTemp...Setting the standard for others to follow.

President's Message

For nearly 25 years, our customers and many specifiers have asked us for more AccuTemp quality equipment, including more steam and batch-production hardware. In answer, we are very pleased to announce the introduction of AccuTemp Steam Jacketed Kettles and AccuTemp Tilt Skillets. Our new kettle and tilt skillet lines are rock-solid, proven designs, loaded with performance enhancing features and available in models and sizes perfect for any operator need or new project requirement.

Continuous product improvement is more than a catch-phrase at AccuTemp. We are pleased to announce the introduction of PowerPlate™ technology to our line of award-winning Evolution™ boilerless steamers. Our gas and electric-heated Evolution steamers cook fast, while using less energy and less water, in an ENERGY STAR® qualified unit. But some operators want even faster cook times and higher production. AccuTemp PowerPlate technology has been designed, tested and tuned to match compartment steam flow to the operator’s need for batch, a la carte or maximum speed-cooking, while meeting minimum ENERGY STAR® performance criteria. It has two graduated ports, plus unrestricted steam entry when the plate is removed. An owner or manager can change the steam flow, cooking speed and water usage by simply rotating or removing the PowerPlate at the back of the cooking compartment. It is a simple, elegant design solution that matches steamer performance to our customer’s production needs; and another example of: AccuTemp Setting the standard for others to follow.

We are very proud of these great new and improved products. Each-and-every model is backed by AccuTemp’s Lifetime Service and Support Guarantee.

Problem Solving...Category Busting Technology!

In the early 90's AccuTemp was founded on an idea to use vacuum technology to cook and hold foods. This first commercially successful vacuum based cooking technology was christened the Steam'N'Hold. By incorporating a vacuum pump, which could lower the pressure inside a specially reinforced steamer cavity, this unit could boil water and generate steam at temperatures as low as 150° F. The result was foods traditionally steamed at 212° F could now be prepared better and held for hours, without over-cooking or loss of quality. While this cooking control was a plus for many operators, the real groundswell of interest came from the simplicity of this unique steamer design. The Steam'N'Hold produces steam in the bottom of the cooking compartment, with heating elements clamped underneath the cavity bottom, NOT submerged in water. This meant that it didn't need a water line, didn't require a drain line, didn't require periodic deliming/descaling, didn't need a water treatment system or costly replacement cartridges and generally eliminated all the major headaches that came with traditional convection steamer ownership. The Steam'N'Hold established an entirely new category of steamers…now commonly called connectionless steamers. Today the connectionless steamer sub-category is recognized and used throughout the industry, when easy access to water or drain lines isn't available, or when operators are frustrated with the headaches, cost and downtime of conventional steamers. 

Now, almost 25 years after introducing the first connectionless steamer, AccuTemp continues to dominate the category. Like all true category leaders, AccuTemp continues to improve and raise the bar with continuous product improvements. The Steam'N'Hold has added many improvements over the years, and in 2008 AccuTemp introduced the Evolution boilerless steamer to the market. Like the Steam 'N' Hold, the Evolution eliminates all the problems associated with boiler-based steamers, but it also provides convection steaming requiring no moving parts.

Getting Steamed Over Griddle Technology!

On the heels of their success with Steam'N'Hold™, AccuTemp turned its attention to another rather staid product, the griddle. With their understanding of the unique heat transfer properties of steam, the team began developing a steam-heated griddle. Rather than directly heating the bottom of a thick griddle plate with electric elements or gas burners, they envisioned using a hermetically sealed flat steam jacket. The challenge was in constructing a VERY strong steam jacket which would withstand the pressures needed [up to 300 PSI] to deliver surface temperatures as high as 400°, typical for griddle frying operations. The R&D Team developed a flat steam jacket reinforced with hundreds of stainless steel posts; and the robot manufacturing technology to precisely and economically weld all these posts to the plates. The result was the Accu-Steam Griddle, which boasts incredibly uniform surface temperatures of ±3°F, when typical griddles have surface temperature variations of ± 25-45°F. The unique properties of steam also deliver near-instant heat recovery, meaning very little drop in surface temperature when cold product hits the griddle surface. This means operators can cover the entire griddle surface with frozen product and turn product to the same spot on the griddle. In practice this can mean more output per foot of griddle, less running feet of griddle required and often, less hood space and lower HVAC costs. Uniform surface temperature produces very consistent results, even with inexperienced cooks.

AccuTemp worked with Pacific Gas & Electric Company's - Food Service Technology Center in documenting the performance of the Accu-Steam Griddle to ASTM test standards. [See Accu-Steam Griddle/Technology] As additional proof of the breakaway performance provided by this unique steam-heated griddle, AccuTemp was awarded the 2001 Gas Foodservice Equipment Network [GFEN] Crystal Flame Award. Today many chain, franchisee and independent operators are switching from conventional griddles to Accu-Steam Griddles.
More Fresh Thinking To Come...
Recently AccuTemp has introduced a complete line of Steam Jacketed Kettles and Tilt Skillets to go along with their World's Best steamer and griddle line. It's always AccuTemp's goal to continue to help the food service industry by solving problems and improving the features and benefits currently available with existing commercial kitchen equipment. Please contact AccuTemp for information on how they can help your operation going forward.

AccuTemp's Awards

  • 2001 - GFEN Blue Flame Product of the Year Award

  • 2002- FCSI Award for Distinguished Development

  • 2005 - EFC Manufacturer of the Year

  • 2007 - MIRA Advanced Manufacturer of the Year Award

  • 2009 - Star Chef's Heavy Equipment Innovator Award

  • 2010 - GFEN Blue Flame Product of the Year Award

  • 2016 - FCSI Innovative Product of the Year Award 


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The AccuTemp Lifetime Service and Support Guarantee goes above and beyond a typical manufacturers warranty. For the lifetime of your equipment, you have FREE access to our technical service team for equipment support, and our corporate chefs for cooking advice. Our toll free hotline is clearly marked on all pieces of equipment, and is available 7 days a week from 7AM EST to 7PM EST.