Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why does the low water light and buzzer indicate low water even though it does have water?

The water sensors may be dirty
The water may not have enough hardness for sensors to function properly

Q2. How do I get answers for any operational or service questions I may have about my Accu-Steam Griddle?

You can contact the AccuTemp’s Service Hotline at 800-480-0415 (email: to get your questions answered. Your Accu-Steam owner’s manual may also have answers or information related to your questions.

Q3. How do I place an Accu-Steam Warranty Service Call Request?

You must contact the AccuTemp Service Hotline at 800-480-0415 to place a Warranty Service Call for your Accu-Steam griddle. This procedure must be done because only the AccuTemp Service Department can authorize the warranty work to an approved Warranty Service Company.

If your Accu-Steam griddle is out of warranty, you can contact which ever service company you prefer to do the service on your equipment. (If you contact the AccuTemp Service Hotline, they can provide service companies that have experience working on AccuTemp products in your area.)

Q4. What is the recommended method for cleaning my Accu-Steam?

Cleaning during the work shift can be performed with a sharp scraper.
When heavy cleaning at the end of a shift or as needed, the following is recommended:

Turn the griddle off and allow it to cool to between 220°F and 240°F (104°F and 116°C).

Use water, ice and/or griddle cleaner as needed. (For example, the 3M Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Griddle System or Ecolab Grease Express High-Temp Grill Cleaner System are commercially-available products for cleaning griddles. Clean-up is very easy using these products with the quick clean liquid, water, ice or combinations of these liquids.)
If a griddle with grease on the cooking surface is cleaned at a high temperature using water or ice, the grease may splatter and cause skin burns. **Be very cautious!**
Do not use a griddle stone or brick to clean the griddle.
Do not use a water-jet to clean the griddle.
Dry all surfaces.

Q5. How often should I have Preventive Maintenance done on my Gas Accu-Steam griddle?

To ensure maximum performance of your Gas Accu-Steam Griddle, it is recommended that these items be cleaned every 6 – 12 months. Depending on the amount of usage the griddle is doing and the materials being cooked on it, the Pilot Burner orifice may need to be cleaned more frequently.

The cleaning of the orifice, venture, and flue is part of the PM, Performance Maintenance, (see page 34 of owner’s manual) that is also recommended to be done every 6 -12 months.

Q6. My Accu-Steam shuts OFF while in use, and will not turn ON again.

If the griddle’s temperature reaches in excess of 400F, the overtemp switch will engage and disable the griddle from restarting; even after it has cooled down.
This is a safety feature which should not be ignored. If the overtemp switch has engaged, contact AccuTemp’s service hotline at 800-480-0415 (email:; because this is an indicator of some other problem causing the griddle to overheat.

Q7. Why isn’t my Accu-Steam reaching the desired temperature that’s set on its thermostat?

One of the following circumstances could affect the desired temperature not equaling the thermostat temperature (Do not use an inferred thermometer because they provide inaccurate surface temperature.)
The Thermostat and/or the Temperature Sensor are providing inaccurate data to each other due to component fault or failure.
The Thermostat may not be calibrated to your griddle. A calibration needs to be done, by a technician, whenever the Thermostat or Temperature Sensor is replaced.
Your Gas Griddle could have gas flow issues, either from the supply gas line or internally in the gas griddle, which could affect the output efficiency of gas burner, which would lower the griddle’s surface temperature below the thermostat’s set temperature.
One or more of the burners (Gas Model) or heater elements (Electric Model) are broken causing the griddle’s temperature to be reduced and/or taking it longer for the griddle’s surface to reach the thermostat’s temperature.
Recommended that you contact AccuTemp’s service hotline at 800-480-0415 (email: or have a service company access the griddle to determine the specific cause of this issue.

Q8. My Gas Accu-Steam has to be turned ON/OFF several times before the griddle’s burners ignite.

Some possible causes for this circumstance are:
Gas Pressure (“WC) from either the Input Supply or inside the Accu-Steam griddle (via gas valves) are not correct (levels could be too high or too low); and would need to be verified by a service technician.
The Pilot orifice or Main Burner orifices may need to be cleaned by a service technician.
A problem with one of the ignition component not working correctly, which would need to be verified by a service technician.

Q9. My Gas Accu-Steam makes a popping noise or has flames coming out of the flue?

This is referred to as delayed ignition and happens when the gas and air mixture is not correct to ignite the gas in the burner, causing a build-up of gas in the burner box until the gas volume is enough to be ignited and consuming all the excess gas providing the popping noise and/or the flames from the flue.
Delayed ignition may be generated due to a broken burner box; broken, or a gap between, ceramic inferred tiles; faulty ignition components (i.e. gas valve, ignition module, etc.); or dirty/clogged orifices and/or flue. You will need to you contact
AccuTemp’s service hotline at 800-480-0415 or have a service company access the griddle to determine the specific cause of this issue.

Q10.My Accu-Steam has extremely uneven surface temperatures?

Extreme differences in surface temperatures, of your correctly leveled Accu-Steam griddle, may indicate that you are leaking or venting steam from the welding of the steamer chamber.
To verify if your Accu-Steam griddle is leaking steam, you will need to have a service company conduct a 9 point temperature test on the griddle. Do not use an inferred thermometer because they provide inaccurate surface temperature.
If it is verified that your griddle has a steam leak, your Accu-Steam cannot be repaired by a service company. Contact AccuTemp’s service hotline at 800-480-0415 (email: so they can explain the process of how to get your defective griddle corrected.



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